INACSL Healthcare simulation standards endorsement


INACSL Healthcare Simulation Standards Endorsement is designed to recognize healthcare institutions and practices that have demonstrated excellence in applying all four of the following simulation standards from the Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice™ (HSSOBP) in their educational simulation programs:

  • Prebriefing: Preparation and Briefing
  • Facilitation
  • Professional Integrity
  • Debriefing

The Healthcare Simulation Standards guides the integration, use, and advancement of simulation-based experiences within academia, clinical practice, and research. Recognizing the Healthcare Simulation Standards are aspirational and that context, resources, accreditation needs, and other factors may affect the implementation and attainment of the Healthcare Simulation Standards, the endorsement publicly recognizes institutions that excel in creating simulation experiences that enhance learning, promote professional development, and/or advance the science of simulation. Organizations who receive the endorsement demonstrate a commitment to pursue and sustain excellence in the aforementioned four standards, designated as the “Cornerstone” Health Simulation Standards.

endorsed programs

Click the button below to view the list of programs who have earned the INACSL Healthcare Simulation Standards Endorsement.



Two informational webinars were offered prior to the Fall 2023 endorsement cycle opening. Please click below to watch a recording.


letterS of intent

To apply for Endorsement, programs must submit a letter of support from their institution demonstrating understanding of the program's intent to apply, along with a filing fee (see pricing below).

The call for letters of intent for the Spring 2024 application cycle is currently open and will close on February 14, 2024. 



To prepare for the application, it is essential that you review the application guidelines and criteria found here or at the button below. Programs are highly encouraged to begin collecting exemplars now; do not wait for the application to open.

As part of the application, programs will be asked to upload one combined PDF file of suitable evidence (examples of which can be found in the guidelines document). The document should include a table of contents and a one-to-two page rationale that summarizes how the submission demonstrates the program's adherence to the Cornerstone Healthcare Simulation Standards.

If submitting videos, the document should include hyperlinks to where the videos can be found. These could be separate links to videos hosted on a site, such as YouTube or Vimeo, or it could be one link to a repository of videos using a storage application, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. If password protection for the videos is required, please create a single username and password that can be shared with the reviewers.

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SPRING 2024 application timeline

January 17, 2024 Submission of letters of intent open
February 14, 2024 Letters of intent due
February 15, 2024 Application opens
March 15, 2024 Applications due
May 16, 2024 All decisions and notifications to be made



INACSL is committed to ensuring all simulation education professionals have access to our programs. International pricing for the INACSL Healthcare Simulation Standards Endorsement allows institutions to apply at a rate consistent with their location. Click here to view pricing categories by country. 

Country Category Filing Fee
Paid with submission of letter of intent.
Application Fee
Paid with submission of full application packet.
A $150 USD $2,500 USD
B, C, D $100 USD $1,500 USD



  • Facilitate sustained application of best practices to simulation experiences and programs.
  • Recognize all varieties of simulation-based experiences, including skills training, low-fidelity to high-fidelity, Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR), distance, manikin-based, various types of technology, etc.
  • Facilitate positive changes that improve simulation based on the application of evidence-based practices and research.
  • Encourage ongoing performance evaluation and improvements within simulation programs.
  • Improve healthcare education and patient safety through the promotion and practice of high-quality simulation.


Accepted institutions receive the endorsement for three (3) years, at which point, they may reapply for the endorsement for an additional period of five (5) years.

Institutions who have partially met the criteria may receive a conditional endorsement and will be given one (1) year to resubmit along with a filing fee and be reevaluated for receiving the official endorsement.


Interested in serving as a reviewer for a future Endorsement cycle? Please submit your Resume/CV to INACSL Staff via the link below or email directly to [email protected]



INACSL is dedicated to providing the necessary tools and educational resources to aid in your path to Endorsement and to demonstrate excellence across all ten Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best PracticeThe Cornerstones of Best Practice serve as a new milestone in the path to Endorsement. Although not required to apply for Endorsement, this new program can help you feel prepared and ready to start the Endorsement process with your institution.

Learn more about Cornerstones of Best Practice