Partnership with Beaker Health

Thrilled to announce that INACSL is bringing you a game-changing learning opportunity!

Dive into this video to explore how to navigate through Beaker Health as a learner. From browsing diverse content to experiencing engaging modules, leaving insightful reviews, and receiving well-deserved certificates, Beaker Health has everything you need to elevate your learning and development journey!

At INACSL, we believe that the cornerstone of student success lies in empowering educators. With our user-friendly faculty development platform, your academic institution can easily access the content exactly when they need it, anytime, anywhere.

We're inviting academic institutions to experience our platform firsthand. For a quick demonstration that could transform your approach to faculty development, simply fill out a brief 3 question form:

Empowering Educators: Faculty Development Webinar 

Understand how to better train your simulation faculty effectively and efficiently with the INACSL Faculty Development Platform. Our webinar series will showcase how we are leveraging innovative practices to bring your academic institution the best education in the most streamlined manner. Join us as we delve into what our Beaker Health partnership means for your faculty development program and why we are the best option for you!

You only need to join one webinar to learn more about how to save you time, money, and energy. By leveraging INACSL content through Beaker Health we can elevate your institution's faculty development strategies long term, starting today. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your team!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of content can be found on Beaker Health? 

Beaker Health exclusively showcases presentations from INACSL, offering valuable  insights into clinical simulation and learning. Our platform currently features  presentations from the 2022 and 2023 conferences, with content from the 2024  conference scheduled to be added in the near future. For a comprehensive overview of  available content, please refer to our regularly updated blog post. 

How do I access INACSL’s content on Beaker Health? 

Accessing INACSL's content on Beaker Health is easy! To purchase access, simply reach  out to us at [email protected] or [email protected]. Alternatively, fill out  our Google Form, and we'll promptly add your institution. Once added, invitations will be  sent to your faculty, allowing them to access INACSL's valuable resources on Beaker  Health. 

Can I earn CEUs by completing INACSL’s content on Beaker Health? 

Yes, you can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by completing INACSL's content on  Beaker Health. Upon successful completion of each course, you will have the  opportunity to access your CEU certificate for download. This certificate serves as  official documentation of your participation and can be used for professional  development and certification purposes. 

Can I see a demo of the Beaker Health platform? 

We're happy to provide you with a demo of the Beaker Health platform. Alternatively, if  you prefer to explore on your own time, you can watch our tutorial video for an overview  of the platform's features and functionality. To schedule a demo, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We're here to assist you in any way that suits your needs  best!

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